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I Want To Talk At That? Get On The Floor!

Are you a young, innovative fundraiser? Want a chance to get support from an industry role model and speak at SOFII’s ‘I Wish I’d Thought Of That’ (#IWITOT) event in September?

Well this is your chance. My Twitter friend Paul de Gregorio and his colleagues at Open Fundraising are running ‘I Want To Talk At That’ for SOFII. If you’re a young fundraiser, the scheme gives you the chance to present the fundraising idea you wish you’d thought of to three of the country’s top experts – Paul de Gregorio (Head of Mobile at Open Fundraising), Tanya Steele (Director of Fundraising at Save the Children), and Imogen Ward (CEO at The Lessons for Life Foundation). If you’re a winner, you’ll get one-to-one mentoring, and speak at this year’s ‘I Wish I’d Thought Of That’ event in September.

I Wish I’d Thought Of That is brilliant. 20-odd fundraisers get seven minutes each to talk about the fundraising idea they wish they’d thought of. You can see presentations from the last two years here, including yours truly, dressed up as a 1960s ad man in New York to showcase a rather extraordinary fundraising letter.

So what are you waiting for? As J-Lo might have said (if she’d written On The Floor about IWITOT):

“If you do mail you gotta get on the floor
If you’re a digi freak then step on the floor
If you’re in telephone then tear up the floor
Show what’s great on the floor
Share their work on the floor
Don’t stop keep it moving
Put your slides up
Pick your idea up and drop it on the floor
Let your idea change the world on the floor”

It’s a new generation of SOFII people. So get on the floor!

Get in touch with Ian Lovett at Open Fundraising to find out how to enter. Auditions take place on 14th July. The closing date for entries is 7th July 2014.

Oh, and if you find you need music to inspire you when you work, here’s J-Lo. You gon’ be it on the floor, y’all.


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