Why not give back to your Uni this Charity Tuesday?

It’s Charity Tuesday on Twitter today. If you’re a university graduate why not take a couple of minutes online today to give back?

Here’s a list of all the University online giving pages I could find for you

If you benefited from your time at uni – in whatever way – and you believe that the advancement of education and knowledge can be a massive driver of global social change, do support your University in their missions!

Universities generally don’t receive the majority of their funding from the Government any more – the direct amount the university I work at receives is only around a third of its turnover. And the support we could receive from alumni, even if only one in ten of our graduates were to give, would be truly transformative in terms of what we could achieve.

An active and engaged alumni community supporting their institutions has the potential to be a massive driver of change.

You can choose to direct your support towards your uni’s research and knowledge activity, or to support the experience of those who come as students, and who could go on to make significant individual contributions in all areas of global society, whether locally or on a wider scale. You could be helping someone to come or to stay, who wouldn’t be able to do so otherwise.

I firmly believe we should aim to make university education a right for as many people as we can manage – and we won’t be able to do that without your philanthropic support.

You can find a list of universities with online donation pages here. Do find your uni, click, and give – and thank you!

Adrian Salmon

PS Many universities will be able to count your gift as part of a new Matched Funding scheme. That means that your gift, plus Gift Aid, could become worth at least double. So even a small gift will go a lot further than you think…


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One response to “Why not give back to your Uni this Charity Tuesday?

  1. Adrian Salmon

    Not quite with you, there anbrin – you’re a bit cryptic 🙂 But are you a graduate of a university? In which case, why not come on board, and in doing so, give someone else – potentially many others – their chance to benefit?

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